About Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a special time in a child’s Montessori education. After two full years, the Montessori preschool class is a familiar environment to these 5-year-olds. They are conscious of being the oldest students in the room, having lived through two years of classroom transitions, starting when they were three. It is during this third year that you (and they) will witness the “explosion of learning” that Maria Montessori observed more than 100 years ago.

Kindergarten Class Features

Age: 5 - 6
Activities:Practical life, Language & Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Science & Nature, Geography & Art, Leadership among younger students.
Class Size: 10 - 15
Schedule: 8:30-3:00
Tuition: $3,789.00
After care: 3:00-5:30 $5/hr

The Beginnings Montessori Kindergarten program builds upon the skills acquired during preschool to further develop the student’s:

  • Habits of concentration
  • Initiative and persistence
  • Leadership skills
  • Strong work habits
  • Sense of high self-esteem
  • Ultimate potential through high self-expectations